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Mrs. Brown

Mrs. Britt

Elementary School Counseling Services

The school counseling program at Ridge Elementary School is designed to assist students in decision-making and to help each child appreciate their self-worth. The counselor facilitates daily and weekly lessons, which may include such topics as mindfulness, collaboration, conflict resolution, empathy, coping with change, goal setting, career exploration, perseverance, and middle school transition. Teachers, families, or students may make referrals for specific problems to the school counselor.  The school counselor meets with new students entering our school to welcome and orient them to the school’s expectations and culture and helps coordinate our fifth graders’ transition to middle school through a family information night, registration information, and student visits to the middle school.

Our Character Traits

Our character traits change each month. For this school year they are:

  • Perseverance
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Peace
  • Self-Discipline
  • Kindess
  • Tolerance
  • Cooperation
  • Honesty

Age Ways to Encourage a Commitment to Learning


  • Encourage writing with magnetic letters, crayons, and


  • Keep a box of dress-up clothes for your child to play with.

  • Visit libraries, zoos, museums.


  • Let your child read to you every day as they learn to read.

  •  Help homework become a part of your child’s evening routine.

  •  Ask your child “what if” questions to help their look at the

    world in a different way.


  •  Encourage your child to collect things they get excited

    about. Contribute to the collection.

  •  Help your child learn how to study with a friend.

  •  Find creative ways to help your child link their interests

    with school subjects.


  • Place more emphasis on lifetime learning—not just graduation.

  •  Encourage your teenager to listen to their heart. Help your

    teenager connect what’s in their heart to career interests.

  • Help your teenager think about future goals, and the discipline

    and boundaries required to reach them.

  • Visit colleges with your teenager to get her or him excited and

    connected to their future.

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